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Audio Post Productions


We at Mani Productions Ltd work round the clock providing crisp and very fresh post production services to our clients. 



  • ADR Services (Automated Dialogue Replacement)

Our studio is a full ADR suite featuring video playback on 4 monitors. So you don't have to hold scripts in your hand while recording.We have the experience to run ADR sessions faster and efficiently.



  • High end AMS (Audio mixing Services)

Our facility comprises of state of the art equipment from professional condenser, dynamic, tube and valve recording microphones for that crisp and quality recording, high definition recording monitors/speakers, perfectly sound proofed studio for quality sound products, and latest technology equipment with a team of Protools Certified and qualified sound engineers for professional work experience. So the sound you need is guaranteed by us!


  • Sound Design and Foley and SFX

Mani Productions Ltd specialises in "high def" exclusive sound design for any visual footage like Animation, Games and TV content 


After working on the entire sound design for a famous local animation series "freej season 5" in the U.A.E with JBM studios Dubai, our C.E.O and qualified sound-engineer of Mani Productions Ltd "Mani" together with his team of highly trained expertise promise industry standard sound design and audio production for any form of tv content be it soaps, adverts, movies, music, cartoons, that requires high end audio production/sound design.


We have a large database of sound libraries and we re record sound to design our sound design for the most unique and complex projects. This covers location recording as well. 


  • Background Score and Music

Composing and scoring for any sort of footage be it a feature film or a documentary we have it all planed. 



Click "Play" button to view a sample of a project that showcases audio post production and sound design. 



Click "Play" button to view a sample of a project that showcases audio post production and sound design. 



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