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Customized Promotion Kits 

Mani Productions Ltd have not only pioneered in audio but have become a hub for innovation and coneptual solution building for corporates. Our team have burnt the midnight candle designing and conceptualising these products that add great value and benefit to your business. 


In Shop Audio Promo Kit

This is a product designed and structured for supermarkets, outlets etc. Contact us for further information on reaching customers with the pull strategy with this product.


In House Audio Promo Kit

Another innovative concept and product used by majority banks, showrooms, galleries. Contact us for more indepth information for the same.

Exhibiton/Expo Kits: MAKE YOUR PRODUCTS SPEAK!!!


Yes you will hear your product!! Another new and very promising product and our best seller that help your products do the "talking" at expos and exhibitions. We managed giving a voice to your non living products at expos/exhibitions find out us!!

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