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ManiproductionsLtd is one of the leading, state of the art, high end audio production and post production facility based in the heart of Africa..Nairobi, Kenya. 



  • Vision statement:

      Making companies sound as good as they look through                   original high quality jingles and signature tunes


  • Mission statement:

       To be a unique, original and a leading audio branding                      company globally delivering value and quality to all our                    customers.


  • Officially Established in 2008 founded by the Kollengode brothers Mani and Raghav, Mani productions Ltd has diversified and advanced in being the pioneers of Audio/post production globally. 

  • We operate from Kenya, Dubai and India. mplkenya

Mani and Raghav - CEOs at Mani Productions Ltd.

Mani Productions Ltd CEOs - Raghav and Mani Kollengode

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